About NDpendent

NDpendent is a codename for a project led by Brian Kunakom on December 2015. After enrolling into Bastyr University into the Naturopathic Medicine program, he realizes that Naturopathic Physicians do fit into the healthcare system as the medical world actively promotes prevention to certain diseases. Due to this marvelous campaign of promoting prevention, it brings up another problem that physicians are beginning to face, “symptomatic healthy patients”.  Symptomatic healthy patients are patients that do not have a disease, but do exhibit symptoms, which prompts physicians to usually watch & wait.  However, the symptoms persists leading to a prescription to eliminate the symptom leading to another problem, iatrogenic disorders – disorders caused by medications. Patients then turn to alternative medicine to find a solution for themselves. Because there are so many information on the internet that Brian Kunakom started a project that would promote the field of Naturopathy as well as promote the safe usage of botanical medicine.

From the Author

I’m Brian Kunakom, a former competitive Ballroom dancer, a science student, and a Naturopathic Doctor who grew up in Bangkok, Thailand, but currently lives in Seattle. I am passionate about Naturopathy and find joy in facilitating information to the public. My information is entirely free and are backed up by peer review journals written in a language that is easy for the general public to read. Most of my posts about supplements and botanical medicines will be a generalized ideas that will not give specific medical claims without references to a peer-reviewed journal.

I hope this blog will inspire all of you to live a healthy lifestyle. My goal is to empower all of you through my experiences and stories as I continue to find a niche for Naturopathic Medicine to be accepted by all medical practitioners.